3 Methods 1 Fee

We have three ways to shop Aqua SD. Either through our Ebay auctions, R2R forums (ReeftoReef), or our website. Regardless of your choice we have 3 dedicated teams here serving to combine all your orders into a single transaction with only ONE shipping fee of $40. 


Damn your stuff is always so freagin NICE!

Seriously, I'm always so stoked when I get your stuff in, never dissapointed and the corals are usually way bigger than I expected them to be.

I've ordered alot from many places and I honestly think that yours is hands down the most consistent in high quality that I ever get. And your prices are very very reasonable (Ok I'm a sale junkie, but only because this is making me broke {but my tank looks better with each order from you lol!).

Just wanted to let you know this order came in great as usual and I am stoked as usual about it.

Do you get new deliveries every week? 

Well if you keep doing what you're doing I'll keep ordering like I'm ordering !

Thanks a ton!

Charles Wong

My glory you sure delivered the goods!  The package arrived on time toasty warm.  Your pictures look good on your website but in person they are just amazing and that's right out of the box. Can't wait till I get home tonight and see them!
Thank you for the extra head of the Hammer and the freebie mushroom.
Guys don't change a thing. You do, in my opinion, the best job all around!!!! 
Thanks Again

Richard Termotto

Received package about 20 min ago.  Everything looks good!  You were too generous with the extra pieces but very much appreciated!!  Talk to you in my next spree!  Thanks!! 


Corey Kelter

I received a shipment from you all today for some auctions I won on EBay. Thank you very much for the free zoa frag. I appreciate it greatly. Also I have to say it was packaged perfectly and everything was in great condition. Thank you again for being awesome professionals. I look forward to getting more corals from you in the future. 

Neill Blackwood

Let me say first off you corals are amazing! I have bought from several different coral companies and yours are the best I’ve seen yet! I will def be doing business with you guys again. Keep up the good work. Thanks 

Garrett Ling