To keep our corals healthy and colors vibrant we feed our corals 2 times a week or as needed (for example, NPS corals). We have had great success with the following 3-part feeding regimen for our corals:

STEP 1. All of our systems are first dosed with Red Sea’s Reef Energy Part A & B. Since we started the Reef Energy system we have noticed tremendous color enhancement in our SPS, LPS and Soft corals, making us a strong believer in the product. The dosing of Reef Energy also prepares our corals for the acceptance of food in the next step.

STEP 2. Next, all of our systems are dosed with a light solution of Reef Roids.  Reef Roids is diluted with water from our systems and then broadcast fed to our corals. Particular corals that are targeted with a turkey baster during this feeding step include acroporas, montiporas, gorgonians, alveaporas, and gonioporas. The “smell” of the food helps entice larger LPS corals to open up and accept food during the third step of the feeding process.

STEP 3. The final step is the most time consuming but gets the best results. All the flow is turned off in our tanks and the LPS corals are individually fed Reef Roids in a thicker mix.  We find that this mixture works well so that the LPS corals that aren’t fully open during the third step can still catch food.  We use this particular LPS coral food in that the corals react to it much faster than other forms of food (mysis, enriched brine, small pieces of silverside, etc) which means that our coral will actually consume the food presented and will eat it before the fish are likely to eat it instead. The pumps are usually left off for around 15 minutes and any excess food is removed from the corals to prevent “choking” or the food rotting atop the coral.

POLYP LAB: Reef Roids

Polyplab Reef-Roids Coral Food 

Although originally engineered for feeding the Goniopora genus, this product has been very well received in the hobby as an excellent food source for all filter feeding corals.

The particle size of Reef-roids is around 150-200 microns. This is THE perfect size for Goniopora to feed on. When using Reefroids, you will notice excellent polyp extension on all filter feeding corals. Zoanthids, Mushrooms and Ricordia will demonstrate a distinct feeding response. And with continued use, your filter feeding corals will experience faster growth and better colors.


  • 1 teaspoon per 100 gallons of tank volume
  • Feed up to 2 x a week
  • Particle size: 150 - 200 microns

Ingredients: Unlike many other "coral foods" on the market, Reef-roids is NOT made with processed fish meals or other ingredients that can rapidly degrade water quality. Reef-Roids is a mixture of naturally occurring marine plankton including a specific species of zooplankton that is unique to our product.

Ingredient Analysis:

  • Crude Protein 60% min
  • Crude Lipid 20% min
  • Ash 6% max
  • Crude Fiber 8% max
  • Moisture 6% max
  • Astaxanthin 150-200 ppm

RED SEA: Reef Energy System

Red Sea Energy Part A
A unique formulation of carbohydrates, amino acids, fatty acids, and suspended protein flocks available for direct consumption and absorption. This easily digestible and highly nutritious Dissolved Organic Matter complex also stimulates polyp and soft tissue extension, helping corals optimize nutrient consumption by expanding surface area for absorption.

Red Sea Energy Part B
A highly concentrated complex of vitamins and amino acids found to be the limiting factors in the nutritional demands of corals and other invertebrates. All of the components of Reef Energy B come from marine sources and are emulsified in a unique medium that enhances their solubility and absorption of the vitamins and acids by corals.
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