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    *CLEARANCE* Sweet Acanthophyllia

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    Acanthophyllia (Acanthos) corals stand out with vibrant colors and unique patterns in reef aquariums. Thriving in moderate lighting and gentle to moderate water flow, these corals benefit from periodic feedings for optimal growth and vivid coloration. Caring for Acanthos is rewarding, offering visually captivating displays in marine environments. Maintaining high water quality through regular aquarium maintenance is crucial for their well-being, ensuring a dynamic and vibrant addition to your reef tank.

    1 in stock



Acanthophyllia are large fleshy LPS corals that comes in many different colors and patterns.  Acanthophyllia also known as Meat Coral are sand bed dwelling corals that prefer low to moderate light, low to moderate flow and regular feedings to do their best. 

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